SS Roller Chain Couplingsare compact, all steel, long lasting flexible couplings, capable of transmitting relatively with high torques with minimum of space consumption. Consequently, they provide a most economical means of positive transmission of power from one shaft to another. The alloy steel material for sprockets with teeth hardened ensure positive transmission, long life and negligible chances of failure. The sprockets are identical in construction, thus providing a balanced unit in operation and reducing effect of vibration. In addition, the flexibility of roller chain plus clearance between the chain rollers and sprockets teeth allow for slight misalignment and shaft end float.


S.S. Torque Limiter is a protective device that limits torque transmitted in adrive systems by slipping when torque demand exceed a preset value as  a result of shock loads, overloads or machine jams. It automatically reengages when the overload torque has passed, no resettingis required.TheS.S.Torque Limiter prevents machines damage and eliminates costly downtime.TheS.S. Torque Limiter utilizes spring loaded friction surfaces for its operations, slip torque is presets byadjustment of the spring force. The S.S. Torque Limiter can be used with a sprocket, gear, sheave orflange plate as centre member that is clamped between two friction liners.


SS with its unique warp around nitrile rubber connecting element, the SnapWrap coupling eliminates the need for dismantling the connected equipmentwhile inspecting or replacing the element - a major benefit when down-timeon machinery can run into huge amounts. Combined with a range ofprebored hubs, a modular hub and a spacer option, the Snap Wrap couplingis unsurpassed for quality, flexibility, speed of installation and maintenance.


We have capacity to manufacture all types of Chain and wire rope slings ,including eye hook ,turn buckle, O ring, as per your requirment. We Have dealer ship for aaradya wire rope. We provide Government recognized Test Certificate, with safe working Load testing.


This is revised version of electric hoist , it also called as belt driven chain electric hoist. Its very easy to do maintance of it,because its construction is very simple. Cost vise it is very low compare to electric hoist, but also its working capacity as good as hoist.


SSPTP offers a variety of designs and models in its gear coupling family. From standard, off-the-shelf stock to new, high speed, special designs SSPTP can satisfy your gear coupling needs.

SSPTP gear couplings are stocked in a wide assortment of configurations, which include C and F standard hubs and sleeves, Mill Motor hubs, Vertical style, Floating Shaft, and Spacer designs. SSPTP superb engineering staff makes it possible to support many additional coupling types such as the Brake Drum type, Sliding Hub type, Shear Pin, Jordan type, and custom lengths for non-standard shaft separations.

Lifting Tacklers

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